Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to Cut a Pineapple for Maximum Usability

Over the summer I went to visit my mom's church for a night of cooking / food prep tips from a professional caterer.  One of the things she talked about was cutting a pineapple so you are able to use the maximum amount of the fruit.  I thought it was a great idea and as a bonus it looks really cool.

Of course I had the idea to do a tutorial after I had already started.  So pardon my hands in the photos while I "reconstruct" the pineapple for the sake of the tutorial.  :)

Start with a ripe pineapple (not when they're green in the store, wait until they're a bit yellow).

Cat on a Limb-6449.jpg

Cut off the top. (I heard you can plant this,it will root and grow a new pineapple! [I love Pinterest])

Cat on a Limb-6450.jpg

Slice off the majority of the skin, but leave the little prickly dents.

Cat on a Limb-6451.jpg

Start slicing next to one of the dents, angling the knife underneath, and continue in a cork-screw fashion.

Cat on a Limb-6452.jpg

Slice on the other side of the dents, angling in towards the first cut, and remove the excess.

Cat on a Limb-6456.jpg

Continue until you have done this to the whole pineapple.

Cat on a Limb-6461.jpg

I just can't get over how awesome that looks!

At this point I cut the pineapple in vertical quarters and cut out the tough center.

Cat on a Limb-6463.jpg

I cut the quarters into spears and we ate it as is. You can cut it into smaller pieces for fresh eating, fruit salad, pizza, etc. Or make yourself a piña colada with fresh pineapple. Mmmm.

Cat on a Limb-6469.jpg


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  1. Great tutorial! That's how my mom has always done it. Those spears are fantastic grilled, too!

  2. Very cool- I've never seen a pineapple cut like that before. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing! My husband always cuts the pineapple. Now I will try! Visit me at

  4. This is great! I have a pineapple waiting to be cut right now - can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. This looks yummy. My mouth is watering.
    Please come to my parties:

  6. I love this! I just cut a pineapple the other day and I am so happy to see how it really should be done! Over from craft envy! Nettie

  7. I just cut up a pineapple the other day...wish I'd seen this then! I'm pinning this so I can try it the for the next time.

  8. I love pineapple! That's a really good way to get those dents out, but not waste pineapple. Thanks so much for sharing!


  9. That is so clever! I even have some pineapple in the fridge waiting to be cut up, I think I'll try this! :)

  10. Just found this on Pinterest. I lived in Vietnam for a year and this is how the street vendors would cut it. :)


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