Friday, April 19, 2013

Altering a Dress Form for Long Torsos - Tall Dress Form

I'm sure anyone who is taller than average or has a long torso can relate to the frustration I've felt when buying clothing, sewing with commercial patterns, or finding a dress form to use when altering / test fitting clothing.  Adjustable forms sold at fabric stores offer the ability to change girth, and some are even able to adjust back length (with a change made at the waist), which helps, but doesn't solve the full problem.  There's also the issue of extra length above the bust line (which is why store-bought empire waist shirts/dresses or anything with a defined waistline, like jackets and coats, never work for me -- one of the main reasons I wanted to learn to make my own clothes).

After much searching online I found a jersey covered, fiberglass dress form with somewhat realistic measurements (which were actually very close to my own).  It looked something like this:

[I don't have a full step-by-step since I purchased this dress form and did the initial alteration about 9 years ago.]  I knew it needed to be elongated in two different places so, after removing the cover, I marked a line around the chest above the bust and at the waistline.

Then a took out the hack saw and had at it.  I admit I felt strange sawing away at something that resembled a human form...

After the from was cut, I spaced out the pieces using some things I had around the house -- big Glue Dots and a somewhat rigid plastic folder.  I cut the folder into wide tabs long enough to overlap between the pieces of the from and space the pieces out as much as I needed.  I used the big Glue Dots to attach the tabs to the inside of the form.

Cat on a Limb-1030.jpg
Inside the dress form (at the neck)
When that was done I used strips of muslin dipped in plaster of paris to wrap around and solidify the extensions.  After letting it dry for a few days I added some batting for padding on a few areas to make it my  measurements, and put the cover back on.

Over the years and after two kids, my body changed a little bit, so I needed to change the padding (take away in some areas, add in others).  I also decided to sew a new cover and re-stain the wooden tripod base.   I'm much happier with the form now. :)

Dress Form Alteration 4

Dress Form Alteration 3

Dress Form Alteration 1

Dress Form Alteration 2

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Stash-Busting Sale - Fabric, Beads, Leather, Lace


I need your help clearing out my stash of fabric and supplies!  It's decided -- I just have too much, way more than I can use in a reasonable amount of time.  So I'm having a stash-busting sale over at my Etsy shop - Cat on a Limb Accessoriz.  Although I find it hard to part with some of these awesome supplies (all those projects I had planned!), I'm putting them up for sale so you can use them instead!

I've listed fabric like this lightweight pinstripe wool suiting --

Beads like these flower pendants made from sea shells --

Feathers like these --

Leather bundles like this --

And much more!  Click here to stop by my Etsy shop to check it out!  I'm also including some coupon codes to choose from (feel free to spread the word and pass these along!) --

CLEAROUT -- 15% off your order
CLEAROUT25 -- 25% off your order when you spend at least $25
CLEAROUT50 -- Free shipping when you spend at least $50

Maybe if it goes well it will motivate me to add more fabric and supplies.  Thank you for your help!

Oh and P.S.  This is not an April Fool's joke. :)
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