Sunday, December 11, 2011

Leather Obi Belt with 3D Flower

When I was making the belt for my high school reunion outfit I was rushing that day to get it finished in time to wear to the reunion. It was a little rough so I wanted to give it another shot, this time with a bit of a variation (also made using pieces of a former leather jacket). I altered the pattern for the petals and made them into a 3D flower.

Cat on a Limb-8648.jpg

I started out by making the petals of the flower. I altered the original petal design to be wider so I could fold it over and glue (using E6000 -- I'm sure there's some sort of leather glue that would be better, but I just wanted to stick with what I had on hand this time).

Cat on a Limb-8602.jpg

I altered the direction of the fold so the petals wouldn't all be exactly the same. Hint: Only use a tiny bit of glue, using too much will interfere when sewing them on to the belt.

Cat on a Limb-8604.jpg

I clamped them and let them dry overnight. Bonus = I finally found a use for the cute, tiny clamps I picked up on impulse one day -- I'm glad I did, they were exactly what I needed!

Cat on a Limb-8605.jpg

I cut out the other pieces in the same way as the previous obi belt, except with wider ties and added seam allowance around the edges of the main belt pieces.

Cat on a Limb-7467.jpg

I sewed a triangle piece to each side of the rectangular piece, making sure right sides were together, opened the seam allowance on the back side, top stitched on either side of the seam and clipped some of the excess away at the edges.

Cat on a Limb-8636.jpg

I folded over 1/2" around the outer edges and top stitched.

Cat on a Limb-8643.jpg

When transitioning from the triangular to the rectangular piece there was some excess bunched up, so I cut a small slit, close to, but not touching the edge, overlapped the sides and sewed.

Cat on a Limb-8637.jpg

Cat on a Limb-8640.jpg

Then I sewed the ties to the ends of each triangular piece.

Cat on a Limb-8644.jpg

Cat on a Limb-8645.jpg

I arranged the petals for the flower and secured them with just a tiny dab of glue. I used a spice jar (the perfect size!) to hold them down until they dried.

Cat on a Limb-8646.jpg

After the glue was dry I sewed the inner corners of the petals onto the belt.

Cat on a Limb-8647.jpg

And I had my new belt!

Cat on a Limb-8654.jpg

I really love this version of the belt. I ended up breaking three leather needles making this one, but I think it was worth it!

Cat on a Limb-8657.jpg

Cat on a Limb-8655.jpg


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  1. LOVE IT! I have a slight obession with belts lately too!

    Thanks for the tutorial!
    Creatively Living

  2. Oh wow, it's absolutely beautiful! I LOVE how it wraps around and then ties at the front.

  3. oooo that is SUPER SUPER cute!!! just a very gr8 idea! thanks for sharing! def gonna have to try it!

  4. Love this! I have a bag of scrap leather sitting I've got an idea for it.

  5. So awesome! I have an old leather jacket I've been holding onto because I want to try to make something with it.if I get brave enough, this the project. :)

  6. Gorgeous I love a stylish repurposed Leather project. Thanks for the tutorial, looks totally do-able.

  7. Cat - this is too hot. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  8. adoro questo modello delle cinture grazie per la tua condivisione liloi


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