Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Candle Revamp - Adding Paper

Above my mantle I have two wrought iron candle holders on either side of a painting by my grandmother (since passed away).  After we moved in (a year and a half ago) I hastily put the things on the wall then forgot about it.  However the colors of the candles did NOT go with the painting and just looked rather off. 

I wanted to change that.  I didn't want to replace the candles themselves, so I decided to simply wrap the candles in paper.  Especially since the candles are above eye level and I wouldn't be able to see the different colored candle inside. 


All I needed was the candle some cardstock, a 12" paper cutter and some glue dots. 

I measured the height of the candle and cut a piece of 12x12 cardstock to the right height. Then I wrapped it around the candle, making sure to overlap enough for the glue dots, and marked it by creasing it with my fingernail.


After cutting it to the right length I wrapped it around again, placed some glue dots under the flap, and stuck it down. Easy!


These candles (which I'm pretty sure I got at the dollar store) were not perfectly cylindrical so there was a bit of a gap at the top. I just made sure the paper was straight and decided it didn't matter since it wouldn't be seen.


Here's the before:


And after:



Much better!

I love quick little projects. They make me feel like I'm actually getting something done instead of constantly having to stop and put it aside AGAIN! :)


  1. Love the wrapped candles and the green is gorgeous with the painting. Hugs, Marty

  2. The cardstock is the perfect color for that painting. Love this! What a quick and easy change! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's amazing what a little coloured or patterned paper can do. Nice job again.

  4. Estou adorando o seu blog!Vc é muito criativa!Parabéns!!

  5. its awesome, i love it..
    well i will like to follow your blog now!!
    i hope you will visit me again :)
    Have fun...


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