Sunday, January 6, 2013

Assembling a 12" Child's Bike

Before I continue on with all the fun posts I have planned, I wanted to finish the assembling of the kids bike (from this post) that I transformed for my daughter.  If you've stumbled across this post looking for how to disassemble a children's bike, just start at the end and work backwards.

Cat on a Limb-Pink Princess Bike

After I painted the bike (using self-etching primer and standard spray paint -- since the more durable metal paints don't come in pink!), I was ready to put things back together.

Cat on a Limb-0573.jpg

The first step is to attach the back portion of the chain guard (I only painted the outside, since the inside won't show).

Cat on a Limb-0577.jpg

Next are the bearings and the crank arm with chainwheel. It goes together as shown in the photo, with one set of bearings on each side of the bike frame. (I had cleaned all the old grease off the bearings.)

Cat on a Limb-0578.jpg

Grease the bearings up really well, even more than is in the photo. The bearing grease can be found at bike shops and it may be translucent or opaque.

Cat on a Limb-0581.jpg

Slide it on to the crank arm, facing away from the chainwheel, and put the crank arm through the frame.

Cat on a Limb-0582.jpg

On the other side of the frame add the other greased-up set of bearings, facing toward the frame, then thread on the other pieces and washers as shown. Tighten with pliers or a wrench. Note: One thing I learned during this project is that "lefty loosey" only applies to one side of a bike when working on the pedals and crank arm.

Cat on a Limb-0584.jpg

Next, slide the back wheel onto the frame. The nuts can be left on the ends of the bolts, but don't tighten it up yet. Lay the chain over the chainwheels.

Cat on a Limb-0590.jpg

One of the links on the chain is removable (see below).

Cat on a Limb-0588.jpg

Insert the pegged link through each end of the chain, place the 8 shaped piece over the pegs and secure with the clip.

Cat on a Limb-0591.jpg

Cat on a Limb-0593.jpg

Pull back on the bolts of the back wheel to make the chain taut, but not extremely tight. While keeping the chain taut, tighten down the nuts on both sides of the wheel. Be sure the wheel stays straight and the tire does not touch the frame.

Cat on a Limb-0598.jpg

There are often two different nuts on children's bikes, one larger and one smaller (see below), so one nut can be removed to add training wheels without the wheel coming out of alignment. Tighten the nuts on the bolts with a wrench or pliers. Also squirt some oil on the chain and spin it around a bit to distribute.

Cat on a Limb-0616.jpg

Next comes the part that wraps around part of the frame to secure the wheel.

Cat on a Limb-0599.jpg

It's easiest to remove the little bolt, bend the piece around the frame and line it up with the main piece, then insert and tighten the bolt.

Cat on a Limb-0600.jpg

Cat on a Limb-0601.jpg

Then replace and secure the main portion of the chain guard.

Cat on a Limb-0602.jpg

Now, with the bike turned upside down, slide the front wheel onto the frame.

Cat on a Limb-0606.jpg

Add the washers, with the little tabs inserted into the holes. Secure the wheel with the nuts.

Cat on a Limb-0607.jpg

Cat on a Limb-0609.jpg

Next I added the training wheels, but if you're adding them you will need to follow the manufacturer's directions as they are all different.

Cat on a Limb-0620.jpg

Thread on the pedals. Remember, one side is "righty tighty", the other side is not!

Cat on a Limb-0622.jpg

If need be, add the hand grips.

Cat on a Limb-0630.jpg

I spent a lot of time wrestling, twisting and pushing these onto the handlebars, but there's actually a fairly easy way of getting the grips on. Click HERE for a video to show you how (be sure you have zip ties around!)

I also added a new seat, along with annoying fancy new seat post since I accidentally threw away the perfectly fine, straight-forward original post. Plus decals, a basket, and streamers, just because.

Cat on a Limb-0631.jpg

Now, pat yourself on the back for a job well done and a bike ready to ride!

Cat on a Limb-0634.jpg

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