Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love... In the Form of a Chair

I've been browsing the local online classifieds (as well as thrift stores) trying to find some beautiful furniture for my home.

We have furniture that works, and is in decent condition (except for light colored fabric with kids... crayons, pens, spills just never seem to come out!), but it's very modern, stiff, straight line kind of stuff.  That may all be well and good for some people.  I know many people pull off beautiful, very modern homes.  But that's not my style.  I like curves.  Not entirely, of course.  I love the straight lines of molding, pillars and multi-paned windows.  But with furniture curves just seem much more inviting, warm and comfortable. 

So one day in my browsing I came across a photo of four antique chairs and instantly was drawn to the one in the back (I should have saved the photo).  The others were plain wood, but the one in the back was upholstered, carved and gorgeous.  Now, keep in mind I had also recently been to several antique stores and saw some very beautiful chairs similar to this one for $200-$300 (no thanks!).  This one became mine for $35! 

Here she is!
She will be my chair in the room I call my studio.  I have plans to paint the frame white and use a lavender/purple upholstery fabric (if I can find one... so far not much luck).  I have to strip it all the way down to the frame since the webbing is stretched out and falling down, so it will be a lot of work, but I'll post some step-by-steps along the way to help out anyone else who may be tackling a similar project.

It is not only beautiful but very comfortable as well.  You really can have it all!


(With my daughter jumping on it)



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