Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Shirt Refashions

I don't often browse the clothing at my local thrift stores (since I have two crazy kids that run around all over the place and I can't leave them alone, especially after hearing terrible things that happened to a little girl that was left alone in the toy section of a thrift store).  So one night my husband was watching the kids and I decided to take the time to rummage.  I got several shirts, all but one needing some sort of alteration or refashion. 

Here are two of them I've recently completed.  Can I just mention that stretchy knit fabric is difficult to sew?!  Rather irritating if you ask me.  Especially since I love to wear knits and want to make things from it all the time.

Shirt 1 - 2

Shirt 1 - 1

Shirt 1 - 3

 I took off the lace, sewed up the neckline a little, cut off the bottom lettuce ruffle edge, and took in the sides a bit.  I cut off the sleeves and cut them into long skinny rectangles.  Then I hand-sewed a running stitch along one edge and gathered it into the flower shape. 

Shirt 2 - 1

Shirt 2 - 2

For the blue shirt I cut down the neckline to a scoop neck and cut off the sleeves.  I used the sleeves to cut little petals and sew them on the shirt.  I also cut a narrow strip to bind the seam at the neckline.  Then I went back over the petals with embroidery thread to help them stay put.

The shirts turned out okay I think, although I'm not super excited about them.  Hopefully the other shirts I got will turn out better!


  1. wow! I'd love to do this stuff to my clothes, but I can never picture how to do it. great job :-)

  2. Thanks! I usually look at Anthropologie or other brands I like and copy their stuff. I don't really know exactly how they did it, but I just try things out. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. :)

  3. I saw you featured at 733 and had to come and tell you how cute your refashions are!! I have done a few shirt refashions myself and am now always on the lookout for more shirts to alter!!

  4. I can't believe you're not excited. I think you did an awesome job! I'll take them if you don't wanna wear them :)

  5. Gorgeous refashions! I'm filing this under "inspiration"!


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