Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making a Wide Scoop Neckline Smaller

I tend to have difficulty finding clothes that fit right.  For one thing, I'm tall(ish) and my chest and hips don't fall in the same places that they do for the typical 5'5" fit model most companies use for manufacturing clothing.  For another thing I like to be comfortable so I'm rather picky when it comes to fiber content and how much skin is showing when I wear something.

I was excited when I found this shirt from Old Navy since it was so close to what I wanted.  The only problem was the neckline was too wide and too low.  

All around the neckline I folded over little bits of the neckline and tacked them down with hand stitching.  

It turned out looking like this --

 Yes, it doesn't look quite as polished as it was before, and this technique won't work on every scoop neckline, but it at least has made it wearable for me, which makes me happy.

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  1. I think it looks great!

  2. Great idea, I hope to use it someday.

  3. I was just about to thrift some low-neckline shirts I have...I will definitely have to try this. Thanks for sharing :)


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