Friday, January 14, 2011

Fix it Friday - I {Heart} Faces

I'm participating again in the I Heart Faces Fix it Friday (their #82, my second).  It's fun to have someone else's photo to edit for a change, although their photos never seem to need much changing! :)

Here is the original (by Rachel Durik):

FIF 82

Both of my edits I did in Adobe Lightroom 2.

FIF 82-2

I felt it was a little too heavy on the negative space on the right. If there was a little bit on the left I think it would have felt more balanced. So, I cropped out a lot of it. Then I warmed it a bit, upped the exposure, upped the saturation just a touch, and sharpened the eyes. (Ok, so the eyes were already sharp, I just wanted to try out the adjustment brush in Lightroom!)

FIF 82-3

For the second edit I cropped close in on the girls face (love those freckles!). Then I ran a preset called "Matt's Vintage Style" (he also has one that adds grain to the image). I thought it was a bit too green for this photo so I moved the tint more to the magenta side. I upped the exposure, sharpened the eyes and added just a hint of an edge burn.

So much fun!

Ooo, by the way, I'm going to have a couple projects featured tomorrow (Saturday) morning at the DIY Showoff!  Yay!

Plus, when I get to 100 followers I'm going to do a giveaway and start my own linky party (with a catch).  Woohoo!


  1. Love both of the edits! Very nice!!

  2. The url for DIY Showoff you give should be (Add "the" at the beginning). Thanks for the info.

  3. I like both your edits: how did you do them (i.e., I am so lame at lightroom I stick with presets, can you show me how you did yours? I can never get eyes to just pop like that; they are always dark little spaces that make you think "what colour eyes are those anyways".)

  4. Those look amazing!! I'm so happy to know (and be related to!) you!! By the way, I just gave you the "Stylish Blogger" Award. Booya!


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