Sunday, May 8, 2011

PDF Pattern How - To

I have been thinking a lot about PDF patterns lately.  I've been wondering how people make them, how they digitize them, how they ensure they print out the correct size, etc.  And now I know!  It turns out the website Sew, Mama, Sew!  had Carla Crim from Scientific Seamstress do a series of three posts describing the full process of creating PDF patterns.  She even reveals some resources she uses to make things easier and the very basic software she uses to digitize the patterns. 

Part 1 - Pattern Drafting and Grading

Part 2 - "eFormat" Your Pattern

Part 3 - Writing Instructions and Marketing Patterns

I'm so excited!  I just may end up creating some patterns and selling them on Etsy.  I'll probably start with some childrens patterns while I get the hang of it, then try my hand at womens patterns.  It's also a good way to give away freebie templates for craft projects.  Oooo ideas, ideas!  Happy day!


  1. i have made a few patterns but I have doen them by hand. I will have have to try this! I love your blog! I am passing you the stylish Blogger Award. Just go to and copy and past the award.

  2. I have made clothes without patterns but never attempted to make an actual pattern. I leave that up to one of my close friends I give her my idea and she does the pattern. Then I review it for her and I get a free pattern.

    I am following you via the WW blog hop. Please follow me.


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