Friday, April 15, 2011

Whoops! YES! and Some Features!

Taking a break from looking at apartments
These weeks go by way TOO FAST! I missed "Out on a Limb" again this week. Not exactly the best habit to get into when one is trying to start up a new linky party!  I do have an excuse though... we only have one laptop  that works right now and my husband is on it most of the time that we're here.  BUT he


so I will probably have some more time on it now.  (Ha ha, maybe, if I can keep the kids occupied in good ways while keeping them cooped up indoors)  So now that we've got a job and know our income, we can look for a place to live.  We spent several days driving around, calling numbers (you would not believe the number of apartments that post ads online, have signs out, with phone numbers, but no one answers when you call, nor do they call you back!)  But we finally saw a couple of them and put in an application for an apartment in a really cool (in some ways) location so we may have a home soon, too!  I so can't wait to have a place to decorate!!

Now on to the features... I decided to feature all the (three) projects that were linked up to the past two parties.

laxsupermom at Sugar & Spice in the Land of Balls and Sticks decided to tackle photo editing to create a great new header for her blog.

she also designed a fabulous wine & liquor hutch including super cute cat cut-out which gives her cat access to a hidden litter box.  What an awesome idea!

Karen at Simple Blue linked up slippers she hand made for her daughter.  Well done!  (I think I need to make myself some slippers now, too... or, at least when I get to touch my sewing machine again... sigh)

PLUS, I was so excited when Karen e-mailed me and asked me hurry up (my words, not hers :) ) with the toddler Maxi dress tutorial because she wanted to make one for her daughter's birthday.  She did an awesome job [before I had the sewing tutorial up] and even added some cute flutter sleeves since she didn't have time to sew the shrug.

It makes me happy to know someone got use out of the tutorial!

Grab a featured button below and thank you ladies for linking up!

Out on a Limb Tuesdays with Cat on a Limb

I have a goal of completing and posting the shrug tutorial today.  Here's hoping the kids will cooperate! :)


  1. Wow! Thanks for the feature. Grabbing your button.

  2. And a big ol' CONGRATS to your hubs on the quick job search!

  3. I'm so sorry it's taken so long to come see! We've also had some big life changes around here. My husband got laid off and I've had to go back to work full time until he gets something. We've been hoping for something soon for the last month and a half. I've had so much more that I've had to take on -- and am grateful to have what I have even if it is only enough to hold our breath paycheck to paycheck -- that I haven't even checked my e-mail or blog in over a week. But I came right over to see! I'm so excited to be featured here! Thank you!


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