Monday, June 6, 2011

Going on a Fast

Creative Space Before
I've decided to go on a fast.

A project-acquisition fast.

Why?  Because this is what my creative space looks like right now.  

I have so many things I've purchased (including decor, furniture, fabric for clothing, clothing to refashion, etc) that I just haven't gotten around to completing!  I've decided it's time to actually start completing those unfinished projects (or get rid of them completely).  I'm going to see how far I can get on just the things I have right now.  I will allow myself to purchase some small supplies to help me complete the projects such as buttons, thread, glue, paint, sandpaper, etc, but no new projects to work on.

I especially need to get started on using my fabric stash.  I got a little addicted shopping's clearance section (with free shipping after $35 and frequent 15-20% off total purchase coupons) that I acquired a lot of great quality fabric for awesome prices. The big obstacle right now is making slopers (basic patterns used to create other designs) custom with my measurements so I can start designing and creating clothing that will fit me perfectly.  Being tall has made it very difficult to find anything that will fit me right (so I don't really have many clothes currently available to wear).  Also being "cheap" I find myself purchasing ill-fitting clothing on the clearance racks (like cute shirts at Macy's for $5 each!) with the intention of altering it... but then getting around to doing it is another story!

So.  No more new projects for me until I work through what I've got.  How long will it take me?  We shall see!

P.S.  Are there any other project hoarders collectors out there like me?


  1. I do that too! Except I want to try a bunch of different projects. Clay. Painting. Sewing. And I buy all the supplies I need, and then they just sit. And sit. And then hubby starts giving me dirty looks. And they still sit.

  2. Good luck. I've got a hundred paintings inside my head I want to paint and it's a slow process to get them all done.

  3. Oh yes, I stand in solidarity with you as another project hoarder. About a year and a half ago, I gave myself a deadline to either USE my project fodder or LOSE it.

    I have about six months left. EEEK.

    Great post. Good luck.

  4. Oh, you are a kindred spirit. I hear you on the tall-ill-fitting clothes. This post has inspired me to once again, go through my clothes and get rid of everything bad. I have a stack of items I set out at the beginning of this year to alter but have yet to get done. I am going to do it! Good luck with your fast. I can't wait to hear more.

  5. Good luck tackling your stash! I wish I was gifted enough to alter the ill-fitting clearance rack purchases I make!

  6. Absolutely yes, except for the Stampin Up Club I am in right now is a committment to spend a certain amount each month until October I think. That will be the only thing I'll spend my creative dollars on until I get all my projects completed. Great idea.

  7. Absolutely!! Not too long ago I posted about the same thing. I've been trying to finish projects or get rid of them. I think I've finished a couple of things so far....and gotten rid of a few more!

  8. I too promised myself that I would not buy anything new until I had finished what I already have. I lasted about two weeks before I broke my resolution. It was only one cut of fabric to go with a pattern I already owned, but I was still guilty. You have inspired me to try again.


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