Friday, June 24, 2011

WARNING! Not for Long Term Storage!

Many of you probably know already, but I thought I would "blow the whistle" to alert anyone else who may not be aware... CDs / DVDs are NOT intended for long term storage.  [Recommended 2 years or less.]  I found this out the hard way.

I had every intention of linking up to laxsupermom's Before Blogging Throwback link party.  It's an awesome idea she came up with to help us showcase projects we did before we started blogging.  So I thought I would link up my wedding dress and flowers.   I pop the CD with our wedding photos on it into the computer and... nothing.  "Do you want to burn to this disk?" -- aka. BLANK disk.  I even downloaded some software that's supposed to recover lost files on CDs, but it found nothing.  Nooooooo!!!

To be reasonable, this is probably not the end of the photos all together.  The family members who took photos (we couldn't afford a pro photographer!) probably still have them... although hopefully they didn't move them to CDs!

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  1. Oh no! That's just awful! I know how upset I was when I lost most of the pics of our kitchen reno(a pin sheared off something technical in our external hard drive.) I can't even imagine how upset you are about losing your wedding photos! I'm so sorry to hear this. It's good that you'll have some from your family.


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