Monday, July 18, 2011

Attention Bloggers who use Google+

More people are joining Google+ all the time and it's quickly becoming part of everyday interactions. However, there is one issue I have just become acutely aware of in regards to all the different companies Google owns and how they are all connected.

Did you know when you upload pictures to your blog, using Blogger to upload, they are placed in a Picasa album. Even if you never signed up for Picasa on your own, an account gets opened for you and attached to your Blogger account.

Then, when you sign up for Google+ you have to give Google+ permission to link your Picasa account. If you don't want to give permission, you don't get to sign up for Google+. Once you do sign up, all your Picasa albums appear in the albums section of your Google+ account. Well, changes made through your Google+ account end up changing everything else along the way: Picasa albums and Blogger images. So if you happen to not understand this connection and delete random old images that appear in Google+ that you don't want to be there (which I, along with quite a few other people, did), they will be deleted from your blog. Just to let you know.

I live near Google. Anyone want to go over there with me and kick someone in the head?

P.S.  Recently I have been using a Flikr account to host my images and using the html code to place them in my blog posts.  So thankfully all those images remained.  Only the ones I uploaded directly through Blogger disappeared.  It will take quite a while to go back and replace all the images! 


  1. That stinks! I hope you get it all sorted out quickly.

  2. Sorry :( I am refusing to sign up for Google+ since once images are uploaded according to the terms and conditions google has the rights to them :(.. kinda sinks .. i love google products.. but not enough to let them use my images.. lol :) hope you get it all worked out.

  3. Ugh! What a pain! I'm sorry you have the picture-replacing task ahead of you and I thank you for warning the rest of us about it.

  4. Great tip! Thanx for sharing :)


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