Monday, July 25, 2011

Raising a Boy is Difficult

Sometimes I think, would it really be that bad if I donated him to the least for a little while?

I had this cane-back chair I was planning on painting and reupholstering (I found for $5 at a yard sale). It was great. I loved the curve and the cane was in perfect condition (which is rare!).


Well, today my son did this:


With one swoop of a tape measure. Sometimes I am dumbfounded by the level of destruction that this child can inflict on innocent belongings. He just runs and jumps around the apartment hitting, ripping, banging, stabbing, etc, etc.

We need to move to a house with a yard. Stat.

I'm still going to keep it and refinish it... It is just going to take a whole lot more work than previously planned!


  1. I hear you about destructive boys! At least it wasn't a finished project. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry! Sometimes those $5 treasures end up being so very loved and anticipated and it is easy to get angry with anyone who gets in the way of the end goal! Hopefully you were able to handle it with grace . . . or a lot of counting! :)

  3. OH!! I feel your pain, although I feel it from a 'distance' as my 'baby boy' is getting married in a week! I'm sure you'll find a way to make it fantastic and cover up that little 'incident' :)

  4. Oh, dang. I soooo remember the frustration. I had 3 boys that came all at once (stepsons). Hang in there . . . it does get better. 'Course, you have to get thru the teenage years first ;)


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